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By: gregriccardi | August 31, 2015

When you hear someone use the term "playing the Voice of God", the first thing that might come to mind is an actor having to don a big white cloak, wear a long white beard, and hold a staff. In production terms, however, the term Voice of God means "the voice you hear without seeing the person with the voice". And naturally they typically have a deep, booming voice, hence the term "Voice of God".

So... doing - or playing - the Voice of God for Events in NYC and surrounding areas is quite a thrill. Although, yes, it involves a voice and a microphone like regular voiceovers, It's a completely different animal!

When you are doing a recorded voiceover in a studio, it's a completely relaxed situation… you're behind the microphone with your headset on, and you're chatting back and forth with the director and the Studio engineer. You have your water right there, all is good. When you record something, you get 10 chances to do it... Actually you get 100 chances to do it, in different speeds, tempo, pitch, etc. 

When you are doing Voice of God, however, you're live and you only get one chance to do it and get it right!  Everything has to be perfect - pitch, inflection, and speed, again... on your one and only first crack.

I have been doing the Voice of God for many events in Northern New Jersey, New York City, and the surrounding areas since 2001. I'm going on three years doing it for the Susan G Komen Greater NYC Organization, for both their Impact Awards in June and their Race for the Cure, held in Central Park, New York City, in September.  The video above is of the 2015 Impact Awards. Enjoy, and the next time you see or hear someone's big booming voice  but you can't see them, you can tell the person sitting next to you that you're listening to the Voice of God!


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