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By: gregriccardi | August 25, 2015

This was a voiceover for Armistead Industries. You may notice that I threw on the real deep voice for this one and also spoke very slowly. The tempo and vibe video that this was the voiceover for was very dramatic. Super-slow-mo scenes of their factories, glints of the sun popping in through the gears of a machine, guys in white coats looking at beakers (just kidding, I never saw the video but I'm sure that's what was in it, in fact I'm thinking that because of a piece of direction they gave me).

Speaking of speaking slowly, I'm sure that as slow and deliberate my voiceover was, they even separated the statements apart more than what you hear on the VO. When I'm producing and editing a voiceover for a client, there are two ways that they want it. If the video is already done and they know the timing and tempo the voiceover file needs, then they may give me those times, like: "say the first sentence within 4 seconds and then put in a 2 second pause", etc. Or, they may not have anything edited at all, and giving them the voiceover in the shortest file is a possibility as well. They can then chop it up and space out the scenes of the video to the voiceover.

Either way, I love being an American male and doing voiceovers! I do them for all types of website videos and radio commercials.


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