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By: gregriccardi | August 28, 2015


So this is my voiceover demo reel for commercial voiceovers. I'd love for you to take a listen! The better voiceover demo reels have a nice balance of types of reads - some over the top happy and crazy, some soft and delicate, some in the middle. Some serious and intense, and some that are off-the-cuff. It has to accurately convey the full range of what you can do. It is really rare that a guy or gal has only one voice that they can do, but if that's the case for that male or female voiceover actor, then so be it, that is the type of read that they should put on their demo reel of course.

The best way to develop your range is to go to a voiceover coach. I went and go to the one and only Peter RofeHe also produced this for me. Peter is great not only for what he does as a voiceover coach, but he has hundreds of agents and other contacts in the voiceover world in New York City and LA that he introduces his students to.

So take a listen... I'd love your feedback!


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