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By: gregriccardi | August 26, 2015

So I get asked all the time about doing voiceovers... "Do you ever have a clue that you're going to get a voiceover job in the audition?

I always answer the same way - you never, ever know. What makes me say that? Well, the voiceover I did for the Gillette commercial above is a perfect case in point.

So typically when you go to a voiceover casting, you can get a decent feel for if you are reading the copy (script) in a way that the person auditioning you was directed to look for out of you. If, on the first read, he or she says"Ok that was good, but do it again and just give me a little more 'this' or 'that'", then you know (or feel like you know) that you are at least in the ballpark of what they want in the read. Even though I NEVER, EVER leave an audition thinking that I got the job unless he tells me that I did right there (which never happens), you can walk away from an audition thinking that you at least have a chance from the feedback the casting director gave you.

Well, on the day that I auditioned for this Gillette commercial, I walked out of there throwing my hands up saying "Hey, you win some, you lose some, and there's no chance in heck that I got that one. You see, every time I did the read, the casting director had me completely change the approach. I'm exaggerating, but kind of like "Do it like a little girl", then "Ok, let's try it like an old man" type of thing. He even said "Hey, better luck next time" as I walked out the door! ... hence me throwing up my hands on the way out.

I was shocked beyond all belief, needless to say, when I got the callback and eventually the job.

So, I basically tell people when I get that question, that it might actually be a complete roll of the dice as to if you are going to get a voiceover job. One person up the decision chain could like what you did, and another hates it. I have no idea.

But you go, you audition, and you most importantly leave the audition at the audition!  as they say.



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